ACE OCP for SAP2000

ACE OCP for SAP2000 v19


ACE OCP (Optimization Computing Platform) plug-in for SAP2000 v19 (64-bit only)


Product Description

ACE OCP (Optimization Computing Platform) is an innovative plug-in for SAP2000 v19 (64-bit only) and the first of its kind to offer a practical solution for value engineering (VE). Through a friendly interface and state-of-the-art algorithms, ACE OCP, automatically optimizes any structure in order to reduce construction and/or material costs consistent with the required performance, reliability, quality and safety.

ACE OCP provides a holistic optimization approach in terms of final design stage for real-world civil engineering structures such as buildings, bridges or more complex structural systems.

Key features

  • Design and Optimization support for any material (RC/Steel/Aluminum)
  • Full-featured state-of-the-art solvers
  • Intuitive User Interface including one-click optimization
  • Highly parameterized constraints, beyond standard code specifications
  • Advanced multi-objective optimization tuned for iterative exploration, design, and problem-solving
  • Seamless creation of output with comprehensive bill-of-materials (BOM)
  • Easy to evaluate, analyze and compare output results (original vs. optimal design)
  • Acknowledged by International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (ISSMO)


  1. More value, more flexibility, more simplicity
  2. Less cost, less waste, less energy
  3. Better safety, better quality, better performance

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